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Coaching Services

Our Coaching service is available online as a weekly coaching session, or it can take place at our clinic, on your work premises or at your home. 

We arrange an initial consultation were we discuss where you need assistance, guidance and inspiration.  Then we create a plan of action, achievable goals and focused targets.  Once we agree on the way forward, we can begin your coaching journey.

Our coaching services and membership details are listed below.  



Coaching Membership: For one low monthly payment, you can have regular weekly online support, coaching, tools, and community to help you start creating a new life for yourself. 

For as long as you remain a member, you will receive 20% discount on WHGT individual counselling services. 

You'll learn about healing from anxiety, depression, trauma and grief, by exploring with the guidance of a professional clinical psychotherapist. 

Every Sunday, at 4pm, you will be invited to a one hour live online session where you can ask questions in the chat. These sessions include focused questions and a worksheet to guide you through the content. 

The livestream is limited to 10 people. You can be anonymous if you wish.

  • As a member you will have access to: 


    • Each coaching session is held weekly online in a Zoom group, to which you will be personally invited.


    • Each session is recorded and you'll be sent a link to the audio converted content after the session.


    • You'll be signed-up for the daily goal prompts to keep you active outside of the sessions.


    • Send your questions and the answers will be provided at the coaching session.


    • Each week, you'll be able to download PDF easy-to-complete workbooks and some fascinating resources.


    • You'll be given downloadable journals and be encouraged to fill them in, with weekly prompts.

    Absorb as much information and use the resources in the membership at your own pace. The aim is to keep you committed to your healing journey and to get inspiration for your healing journey.   

    Disclaimer: This is a group coaching membership. This does not offer any additional 1 on 1 support. If you want more personal coaching and 1 on 1 please schedule an appointment on the links below.

    Access links to the downloadable worksheets and resources will be emailed to you. You are welcome to cancel at anytime.

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    For individual coaching sessions, our estimated costs can be found by clicking the button below.  We can give you an individual quote based on your individual needs.  

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