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Human Givens (HG) therapy is based on a scientific understanding of human nature. It has over 10 years of practice-based-evidence research backing it, which has proven it to work in a quicker time-frame, painlessly (less stress and no unnecessary repetition of traumatic memories). It uses a variety of techniques, which include: CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Neuroscientific insights, Positive Psychology, and Neurolinguistics, as well as Guided Imagery and Rewind.

The therapy's foundation is embedded in the knowledge that all human beings are born with information programmed into our genes - while we're still in the womb. Throughout life we experience this as emotions, or feelings which, though are primarily designed to protect us (fight/flight mechanism), help us get our needs met. These needs (physical and emotional), have evolved over the time humanity has been living on this earth.

Whatever our cultural background, these needs are our common biological inheritance. They provide the force to drive us to succeed and to deal with whatever circumstances we find ourselves in. Emotions are a 'given', meaning they are incorporated into human biology at conception, they are called the ‘human givens’.

HG relies on the premise that whatever emotional needs are not being met, may have a tendency to cause issues to arise in the form of anxiety, depression etc.  The emotional needs and our ability to get these met through our innate resources, are listed below.

Human Givens Perspective

Physical & Emotional Needs

Fight, Flight, Freeze, F****

Human beings are basically animals, or mammals, born into a material world where we have a set of needs. The physical needs are primarily related to the air we breathe, water we drink, nutritious food we eat and quality sleep we are able to secure.  Maslow's hierarchy of needs details this proficiently. 

The physical needs are very important, without them we would die (without putting too finer point on it!). But, we also need the freedom to stimulate our senses, which can be achieved through exercising. It's a natural instinct to search for security with shelter, and to locate a place where we feel we can grow and bring our youngsters into the world. Our physical needs are linked to our emotional needs which is the main focus of the human givens psychology.

Emotional Needs

When your emotional needs are met in balance, you don't tend to suffer mental health problems.

Nature is wonderful, in that it has given us an internal guidance system to help us get our needs met. The Human Givens calls these innate resources. These are the abilities we have that allow us to get our emotional needs met.

Emotions have a tendency to create psycho-biological states in us. These are the things that drive us into action.

From the emotional needs we have listed here, you will begin to see that nature has programmed us to connect with the external world. This means, we need other people and places in order to survive and thrive. These emotional needs search for fulfilment and they do this by encouraging us to interact with people and places we find ourselves in.

When we are unable to meet these emotional needs, nature makes us suffer until we find a way to do so. That means, we'll feel distress in the form of either anxiety, anger or depression etc. That distress tends to have an impact on others around us - who encourage us to figure out what we need to feel well again.


Here Are Some Of The Emotional Needs and Resources Human Givens Has Identified 



You need to have a sense of security in a safe environment. When you do, this enables you to develop in ways that make you feel good.


How much time do you make for yourself? Are you able to be alone and enjoy the moment? These help you to reflect on your experiences, helping you feel calm.


At some point in your life, you need to either give or receive attention. Attention is a form of nutrition you crave in this fast-paced world of 'me first'.


There are times when you need to belong to a group, to bounce ideas off of others and to know that you are a part of something bigger than yourself.


Friends and family can offer you an awareness that you are accepted.  Even though you make mistakes, it's good to know someone has your back.


You will often need to have a sense of control over your own decisions and choices.  To know that you are recognised for your ability to manage situations.


When you are recognised for your competence, it gives you the ability to grow in confidence and achieve the goals you want to accomplish.


Have you ever asked, "What's the meaning of my life?" When you know what you want from life, you begin to set goals, then stretch yourself to reach for them. 


Knowing your abilities and knowledge are needed by others, you begin to form a philosophical view on life, then form a 'bigger picture' that your life can be part of.



Your memory helps you to remember events that were pleasurable as well as painful.  From this, your mind helps you navigate your present and future.


You know what your imagination can conjure up. It can picture fearful events from the past, to stop you making rash decisions - or can conjure up a pleasurable future.


When you think rationally, you make decisions based on the evidence available to you - to help clear the path ahead so you can progress. 


Knowing how to position your body and use your voice can help you connect with another individual or a group of people to help you live comfortably in life.


When we have the ability to observe a situation 'before it has taken place', or 'watch ourselves' from another viewpoint, we learn how to detach from the outcome.


Dreams are a natural part of your emotional release mechanisms.  They help your body and heart heal from the traumas and worries of the previous day.


Our Process

After identifying the emotional needs missing in your life, through your first therapy session and some questionnaires that can help identify what needs are missing in your life, we can then begin to use a method of therapy that uses a mild, calm and yet powerful technique...

In further therapy sessions, Guided Imagery and Rewind techniques are offered to you.  These form the foundation of the therapy we offer. Using these techniques generally help you visualise, using your imagination, to unearth ways to get your emotional needs met through your own innate resources - the skills, abilities and knowledge you have built up over the years.

To help identify that the therapy is working (or not), we can track your progress in the form of graphs and help you figure out what needs to be accomplished to succeed with the life you wish to live. 


  • The Human Givens therapy is a brief solutions-focused approach which aims to help in as few sessions as possible, research has shown that for the majority three or four sessions will be sufficient. We are all different, so the number of sessions varies from person to person.  You could start to feel better after your first session!

  • Fees for our service are listed on the Services page.  We ask for payment via PayPal (you can complete it with your own credit/debit card) before each session.  Each session is 60, though we are flexible.

  • We ask you to consult with us for about 15-20 minutes on the phone beforehand, so we can identify what areas we can help with.  You are not obliged to return to us for therapy after your first session, as it is important you are happy both with your therapist and the approach used.

  • While we are happy to accept block bookings of a few sessions in advance to secure your date and time slot, we try not to encourage this. The reason is that you may only need one or two sessions.  Though, on average, clients have received about 3-4 sessions.

  • If you need more than the average number of sessions (3-4), discuss this with your therapist and they can assist you in learning skills and developing techniques to foster your independence and empower you to live the life you feel comfortable with.  Our job is to make ourselves redundant so you can get on with your life, your way, outside of the therapy room.


  • It is not for those who wish to have endless therapy sessions. While talking about the problems you are facing, this type of therapy aims to offer brief-solution focused therapy.

  • The Human Givens therapy can help you deal with anxiety, depression, anger, addictions, grief, autistic traits, and personality challenges as well as relationship issues. However, it is not designed to assist with severe mental health disorders.  Our specialist area is anxiety, and the issues arising from that (such as depression, trauma, grief etc.).    If you need a doctor's diagnosis, to put a label on the condition you believe you are suffering with, we recommend you choose that route, then come to us for assistance through the anxiety you may experience.

  • Not for those who are not keen to get results and return to work, and/or do not wish to make plans for a better life.  We understand that some people have a 'secondary gain' from therapy and we are reluctant to provide a service on that basis.  If you want to heal and improve your life conditions, we can provide that service.

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